Life Therapy Counseling Services


Bob's practice leans toward people who think for themselves and aim to live original lives. Writers, artists, musicians, intellectuals, knowledge workers, iconoclasts--people who value knowledge and creativity--tend to find working with Bob congenial. 
Since his work centers on self-awareness and accurate understanding of one's circumstances, reflective people who care more about attaining truthful beliefs than spinning out comforting stories appreciate his counsel. 
Bob pays close attention to the ethical "side effects" of his work. The clients who find this most copacetic tend to be people who care about the impact of their lives on the welfare of others, who understand that one's quality of life cannot be separated from kindness and qualities of character. 
Bob works especially well the the highly intelligent, including those skeptical of "mental health" nostrums.

A first meeting with a prospective client is an exploration of whether we would do well to work together--a chance to discern the prospects for a productive alliance. Bob does not charge for this initial consultation.

Thereafter, his fee is $80 per forty-five minute session.

He does not diagnose or treat mental disorders, so does not participate in health insurance. Bob charges less than half what similarly educated and experienced professionals charge, so you may find that your out-of-pocket costs for his services compare favorably to the costs of seeing someone who takes your insurance, once you consider your deductible and co-pay. 
By avoiding use of insurance, you also avoid a diagnosis of mental disorder in your medical records. (Federal law requires a psychiatric diagnosis any time you access your insurance for mental health care, no matter what kind of mental health professional you see.) This is not a trivial consideration, since many job and insurance applications require revealing any psychiatric history. 
You avoid, as well, having personal information about your difficulties shared with your insurer.

Bob's office is located at 7912 SE 13th Avenue, suite 4. That's just behind Jade Bistro, about three blocks north of Tacoma.

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or call 971-212-2571.