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Life is complex, often confusing and conflicted. Distress comes with the territory for most everyone, sooner or later.  

When you’re distressed and you’ve tried everything you know, you might need outside counsel: someone to help you sort out your difficulties, to understand what's going on and what might be done.

A counselor provides an “auxiliary mind,” so to speak. An alter ego. Someone to bring to bear, on your behalf, a range of knowledge that you simply haven’t had occasion to acquire. Someone to provide emotional balance and perspective. Someone to help you understand yourself and what you're up against, to help you sort out your experience.

Maybe you need to sort out some contradictions or incoherence of your inner life. To identify and examine beliefs, habits, hopes, and values you've had for so long you don't even recognize them, or how they're causing you problems. To rethink your sense of what you're about. To expand or update your understanding of your circumstances, or how important parts of your life work--or don't work. Maybe you just need to learn some things you don't know yet. In any of these cases, you'll do better with an expert, supportive, outside eye to help. 

If you're smarter than the average bear,  you don't need platitudes, nostrums, or psychobabble gimmicks. You don't need to be taught to understand yourself an instance of a generic therapy stereotype. You need nuanced, carefully-considered understanding of yourself--you, the unique individual.

Since life does not situate itself neatly within the confines of academic disciplines or professional rivalries, you most likely need help that draws upon the best of many disciplines and fields of practical wisdom. You need a helper who can approach your quandaries with complexity and sophistication appropriate to the task.  

That's the sort of care I aim to provide at Life Therapy.

With over thirty years of experience, and wide-ranging scholarly expertise in several fields, I offer supportive, exploratory help in developing greater self-understanding and competence at conducting your life. 

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